Open Recruitment of Tenure-track Assistant Professor

November 27, 2015

Kumamoto University will provide an individual research environment for young researchers with creative and inventive research ideas so that they can conduct their research freely. Through open recruitment, young researchers (to be called “Tenure-track Assistant Professors)” will be selected based not only on their previous academic achievements but also on their research proposals.
The successful applicants will be trained under the support of prioritized allocation of financial resources and research laboratory, and then evaluated on whether he/she can advance his/her career to the Tenure Associate Professor position.

Details regarding the open recruitment are as follows:

  1. Positions Offered

    One Tenure-track Assistant Professor

  2. Affiliation

    Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence

  3. Specialty Areas
    Specialty Areas No. of positions Keywords
    Plant pathology and development 1 Plant parasitic nematodes, plant stem cell regulation
  4. Qualifications
    (1) Academic Degree:
    A young researcher who has acquired a Ph.D. within the past 10 years (as of April 1, 2016)
    (2) Research Achievements:
    The applicants must have outstanding research capabilities in the specialty areas specified in Paragraph 3 above.
    (3) Language Skill:
    The applicants must be able to communicate and teach in English. They should have sufficient knowledge of the Japanese language to conduct their researches and duties both on and off campus.
  5. Start Date of Employment

    The earliest possible date after June 1, 2016

  6. Period of Employment

    Five years (60 months)
    Midterm evaluation is conducted three years after employment, and final career advancement evaluation four years after employment. If recognized as eligible for tenure track advancement as a result of such evaluation, the researcher may be promoted to the position of “Associate Professor'' (without a fixed duration of employment) in the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University.
    Criteria for tenure track advancement are: (1) whether the researcher is recognized as having outstanding research achievements in his or her field of specialization in Japan and overseas, and (2) whether the researcher has the history of acquiring competitive research funds from external organizations, etc.
    The period of employment can be extended depending on the period of administrative leave, if the researcher takes maternity or family-care leaves.

  7. Salary

    Amount of salary is determined by the annual salary system of the Kumamoto University.

  8. Research Funds and University Support
    (1) As a total amount of research fund, 2 million yen a year will be allotted. In addition to this fund, the researcher is required to apply for competitive research funds provided by the University and other organizations.
    (2) The researcher will be provided with his or her own research laboratory.
    (3) A research technician will also be provided.
    (4) “Senior Mentors" will also be in place to support the researcher. Each Tenure-track Assistant Professor will be assigned with a Senior Mentor specializing in the similar research field to his or hers.
  9. Application Documents
    (1) Curriculum vitae
    (Commercially available form is acceptable. Attach a photo, and fill in the form, including the date of your birth, your nationality, present residence, telephone number, e-mail address, academic background (after graduation of university), the academic degrees earned, qualifications, and job history. Regardless of gender, if you wish the period you spent in maternity, child care or family care to be considered in the screening process, specify the period.)
    (2) A list of academic achievements
    (For each achievement, add a note whether or not it has been peer-reviewed.)
    (3) Copies of five or so main research papers
    (4) An outline of your research up until now (not to exceed two pages of A4 size paper).
    (5) Ambitious plans for education (not to exceed four pages of A4 size paper).
    (6) Names, affiliations, contact information, and e-mail addresses of two references who can attest to your qualifications.

    (Note) As a general rule, all application documents should be in A4 size.

  10. Application Deadline

    No later than Friday, January 29, 2016

  11. Selection Process

    Preliminary Screening (Document Review): Early Feb 2016
    Secondary Screening (Interview): Late Feb 2016
    (Travel expenses will not be covered by the University.)

  12. Submission of Documents

    Application documents should be sent to the following address:

    Prof. Hisato Saitoh Chair
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Graduate School of Science and Technology
    Kumamoto University
    2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan

    Write “Application Documents for Tenure-track Assistant Professor are enclosed" in red ink on the envelope and send it to the University by registered mail. Application documents will not be returned.s

  13. Inquiries

    Prof. Shinichiro Sawa
    Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Technology
    Kumamoto University
    Tel: +81-96-342-3439

  14. Remarks
    • Please be sure to follow the instructions of Paragraph 9 above in preparing all application documents, and send them one copy each. As regulated in the University policies, the personal information you submit will be used only for the purpose of this selection process.
    • Kumamoto University supports gender equality. Therefore, the selection process will be conducted properly in compliance with the Gender Equality Law. For more information regarding our policies on gender equality, please visit