Course for Chemistry

Staff Name Position Subject of Research E-Mail(+ kumamoto-
Ryo Irie Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry irie@sci.
Kei Toda Professor Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry todakei@sci.
Hiroshi Nishino Professor Organic Chemistry nishino@sci.
Naohide Matsumoto Professor Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry naohide@sci.
Yoshihiro Ogawa Professor Functional Polymer ogawa@sci.
Hitoshi Fujimoto Professor Solid State Properties, Electronic Properties fuji@sci.
Shinya Hayami Professor Coordination Chemistry, Soft Matter, Solid State Phyisics hayami@sci.
Haruhiko Nakata Associate Professor Development of Assessment System of Contamination and Risk by Chemical Substances nakata@sci.
Masaaki Nakamura Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry nakamura@sci.
Masaki Matsuda Associate Professor Molecular Solid State Chemistry, Functional Molecular Materials masaki@sci.
Shin-Ichi Ohira Associate Professor Analytical and Environmental Chemistry ohira@sci.
Hayato Ishikawa Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry ishikawa@sci.
Kimiyoshi Ikemi Assistant Professor Polymer Chemistry ikemi@sci.
Akira Tanaka Assistant Professor Analytical Chemistry tanaka@sci.
Sachie Arae Assistant Professor Organometallic chemistry s-arae@sci.
Ryo Ohtani Assistant Professor Coordination Chemistry, Coordination Polymers ohtani@sci.
Asami Funatsu Assistant Professor Inorganic material chemistry funatsu@sci.