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Course for Biological Sciences

Course for Biological Sciences
Humorous Creatures in Tidal Flat.
An uca lectea is dancing for mating.
Biological science is the scientific study of the life mechanism and it has a wide research field covering everything from the role of gene to biodiversity. This program offers educational courses to students who are able to acquire the ability to think for themselves and to find new subject themselves through the process of learning life mechanism from the viewpoints of "structure and function of biomolecule", "structure and function of cell", "biological defense mechanism", "developmental and differentiation mechanism", "signaling mechanism", "evolution and beginning of life", "specific differentiation and phylesis” and "biodiversity and conservation". Students can achieve the goal of acquiring " the ability to comprehend life by integrating information at various levels, such as multiple cells substance, cell and biological polymer" or " the ability to understand biodiversity at the gene-, seed- and biogeocenosis-" level".
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  • Cell Biology
  • Biology of Biodiversity