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Research Objectives and Features

Research at the Faculty of Science is undertaken with the cooperation of the Graduate School of Science and Technology. The aims of this faculty are to promote creative and leading-edge academic research, contributing to the continued development of an affluent and dynamic society within a global context, and to build up a center of advanced academic research.
Research Objectives
The Faculty of Science seeks to make advances in the natural sciences that will add to human wisdom and culture. Education and research are inextricably linked at this faculty, thus we need to constantly promote new research and adapt our education to reflect the results of this research.
Promote creative works.
Promote basic researches.
Promote interdisciplinary researches.
Promote world leading researches.
Research Aims
Our aim is to form a world-class advanced research center and to contribute to the further development of the basic fields of study. By capitalising on the adaptability and depth of the faculty and promoting new, unique research based on researchers' inventive thinking we hope to achieve this goal.
Research Objectives and Course Features

Mathematical Science Course

Mathematics is at the base of all sciences and it is constantly developing. We promote the long held basics of mathematics research whilst remaining open to new theories. The aim of this course is to contribute to the development of mathematical science and society by embracing new interdisciplinary techniques and forging ahead in frontier science fields.

Physical Science Course

This course aims to introduce students to the hierarchical structure of the universe by teaching and researching the physical properties and characteristics of material objects found in the many layers of nature.

Chemistry Course

The aim of this course is to research the atomic elements, molecules, ions and their accumulation and diffusion, and to clarify the behavior of material objects found in the natural environment.

Earth Science Course

This course focuses on the schema and historical variations in the Earth's complex make-up of the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and aerospace. It looks at the process of recycling within this system and the environmental fluctuations that result in this interaction of sub-systems. We aim to explore and research new fields to gain an advanced understanding of earth systems and to achieve results that will be recognized by the international community.

Life Science Course

The aim of this course is to clarify the basic truths that lie behind various phenomena experienced in life, by searching for molecular mechanisms and contributing to the development of humanity. An appreciation of the diversity of life and the adaptability of living organisms will be gained in this course.