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Dean Masayuki Takamiya

Raising professionals to rebuild Kumamoto!

Fusao Ichikawa, Professor
Dean, Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University

Two massive earthquakes struck Kumamoto on the night of April 14th and predawn on the 16th, followed by over 1750 aftershocks, which continue to this day. These quakes shook this prefecture to its core, caused terrible damage as far as the eye could see, and provided a powerful reminder of nature's power. The Kumamoto University Faculty of Science started in 1949, as part of the former Fifth High School. For more than half a century, it has served as an important seat of education and research in scientific studies, and has contributed to both academic research and the training of professionals. These earthquakes will surely be remembered as another major event in the long history of the Faculty of Science. Student and teacher alike were forced to seek shelter, and all of us had to live with the anxiety of not knowing what would happen next. Though classes were cancelled for over three weeks, through the tireless cooperation of our staff and student body, classes were able to be resumed on May 9th.
It is especially during these trying times that we wish for the students of the Faculty of Science to strive towards their individual goals. The Faculty of Science is determined to provide a high level of science education to meet the needs and expectations of society. In 2004, this determination led us to launch a unique program that combines undergraduate and master’s degree courses into one six-year program: The Combined Faculty of Science and Graduate Department of Science Educational Program. Upon entering this program, students spend their first two years studying and experimenting in mathematics and the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences), before choosing a major in their third year from among mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, and life sciences. There is no limit to the number of students in each course, so students are free to pursue the field of their choice. Many prestigious companies are eager to recruit graduates from this rigorous educational program. This clearly illustrates the high level of demand for professionals who have studied a wide variety of mathematical and scientific fields in addition to their selected major, learned to solve problems, and possess the skills to create new knowledge. Of course, such professionals will also be essential for the rebuilding of Kumamoto. Indeed, the Faculty of Science seeks to restore Kumamoto through their training. In addition, with the launch of our Global Leaders Course in 2017, we hope to train the global leaders of tomorrow.
We hope that the alumni of the Faculty of Science will be instrumental in shaping the future of their respective fields. I encourage you to become a student here at the Faculty of Science, to have high aspirations and dedicate yourself to your studies, to gain knowledge of a variety of subjects, to master your chosen specialty, and to have no regrets as you enjoy your meaningful experience and form lasting bonds with your fellow colleagues