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Mission of the Faculty of Science

This department performs research related to the fundamentals of science. The field of fundamental science is based on the basic human desire for knowledge as a means of unravelling the workings of nature. It is this drive for understanding, ultimately, that leads humanity to continue make scientific and technological breakthroughs, and its cumulated output comprises the whole of human wisdom and culture.
For this reason, this program seeks to provide students with opportunities to participate enthusiastically in a variety of activities to find problems that pique their interest, find ways to solve those problems, and share their solutions for the betterment of humankind.
Furthermore, our instruction seeks to create an educational foundation in our students that will lead them to pursue their studies past an undergraduate degree, and on to research at the graduate school level.

We Offer One Department at this Faculty.
In 2004, the Faculty of Science abolished its old six-major system and implemented the Combined Faculty of Science and Graduate Department system. There were many reasons for making this change, such as the ones listed below.
The Needs of Society
The young men and women of the 21st century are expected to possess a wide variety of knowledge and skills. They must possess well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of science, rather than only needing to focus on one specialty.
Enriching Fundamental Scholarship
The declining academic abilities of university students in Japan has become an issue nationwide. Meanwhile, depending on their choice of elective classes in high schools, some students are not sufficiently prepared for specialized study. Therefore, it is important for first and second year university students to gain a firm foundation of fundamental knowledge.

Properly Choosing a Major

When students are rushed into selecting their majors, it may adversely affect their future plans. In addition, students who are mismatched with their major are sure to be less motivated to study. Ideally, a student will choose a major that fits his or her interests and way of thinking, based on the advice of teachers, upperclassmen, and their own academic experiences.

Opportunity to Pursue Graduate Research

Become a generalist who is ready to enter society after four years of undergraduate study. Or, become a specialist who seeks to go on to graduate school. We strive to create an educational and research organization that can suit the needs students from both sides.

Educational and Research Goals
  • This program seeks to raise capable professionals who possess a balance of knowledge, technical skills, and critical-thinking abilities in the field of natural science.
  • It seeks to raise passionate professionals who can face the many new challenges that await them in society.
  • It seeks to raise motivated professionals who will continue studying, and become specialists in their fields.